Adam Sierdsma Insurance Agency Reviews

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Adam Sierdsma Insurance Agency Reviews

The Adam Sierdsma Insurance Agency is a full service Farmers Insurance agency in Visalia, CA. Farmers is about people, and in an age of impersonal business transactions and fleeting loyalties, The Adam Sierdsma Insurance Agency is proud of its commitment to personal service. We offer a wide range of Personal Insurance including Auto, Homeowners, Health, Life, Renters, Mobile Homeowner, Flood, Boat, Motorcycle, and Recreational Vehicle Insurances, as well as Umbrella Policies. We also offer Commercial Insurance to Contractors, Business Offices, Farms and Ranches, Manufacturers, Professional Practices, Real Estate and Rental Properties, Retail Stores, Services Businesses, Construction Companies, Food Service and many other industries.!/pages/Adam-Sierdsma-Farmers-Insurance-Agency/247610375276727 or call us at 559-631-6894.

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"Thanks for excellent service!"
"I bought full coverage insurance through Farmers. It was easy peasy, no problem! The same day I gave the credit card number over the phone, I was e-mailed the proof of insurance. Gotta love that! I love doing business with Farmers Insurance because each type of insurance I have purchased through them has been the LOWEST price quote and everyone at this office is consistently personable, professional, and really good at looking out for you - the customer. I highly recommend! Jennifer P."
"I don't usually give out five stars but it's been four years and I am still treated like a VIP. Anytime I have a problem I know I can call my agent at Adam Sierdsma Insurance Agency. He is the best! I have my home, auto, and life insurance with Farmers because I know I can really depend on them to come through and help me with any problems or questions that I have. I have been recommending my friends and family to them for years now. L. C."
"Everyone should check out Adam Sierdsma Insurance Agency - Farmer's Insurance office. The staff was really friendly and knowledgeable about their policies. They went straight to the point and cleared up any questions I had. I highly recommend using Adam Sierdsma Insurance Agency as your insurance agent. Definitely check them out. You won't be disappointed."
"Excellent service, good rates. I've had my bike here for 3 years and they are awesome! Chad K."
"I called looking for homeowners, picked it up and moved my auto insurance over as well. Great service - friendly and consistent. It is very nice to be able to call out of the blue and have a friendly voice pick up and treat me like I'm the most important person at that point. Not just a number. Give The Mead Agency a call. They are competitive and you won't be disappointed. Mike H."
"Excellent service. You're one stop shop for every policy. My family has purchased life, auto, health, and home insurance policies from here. Rates are very competitive. I wouldn't get insurance anywhere else. Nick H."
"Adam Sierdsma became our insurance agent in July of this year when my wife and I purchased our first home. Adam was very helpful to us in selecting insurance products that fit our needs. Adam has always been prompt in responding to any questions we have had and goes out of his way to accommodate his clients. I would highly recommend Adam to any of our friends or family members seeking insurance products. Rex"
"I Would just like to say thank you so much for your continued efforts with me and my family. I am happy that you are our insurance man - you truly go above and beyond for your clients and that is exactly what we were looking for...someone who we could trust and depend on. Thank You! Ramiro and Roxanne S"
"Adam is an individual that puts absolute ethics and integrity as priority in all of his business dealings. He desire to always be transparent and truthful is an integral asset in his dealings as a Farmers Insurance Agent. These qualities promote trustworthiness, integrity, and quality to past, current, & future clients. Brian J"
"Adam Sierdsma is a true professional in the insurance industry. I have worked with him on several occasions. He can be counted on to complete tasks at hand, works well with all levels of management and a person I would highly recommend. Darius W"
"Adam Sierdsma is, above all, an upstanding man and an agent of great integrity. In a climate of economic uncertainty and questionable business ethics, this should be the ultimate qualification in a field such as his. He truly cares about human beings and their needs and is, coincidentally, extremely well-equipped to recommend the policy most well-suited to cater to those needs. Because I have known Adam for sometime on a very personal level, I can testify that he is both sensitive and perceptive in understanding what people require to better insure their lives. He is diligent, dedicated and absolutely determined in considering the general liability that exists in people's lives. Furthermore, he is committed to providing one of the most invaluable things when it comes to this liability and that is: peace of mind. This is his aim and this is his greatest success. Ben A"
"He is polished and hard working and he is fun to be around. He has a great sense of humor and he would be a great specialist for anyone in need. I truly love his heart and passion and am blessed to be his friend. Jake T"
"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Adam Sierdsma. I have always been impressed with his drive and dedication. He keeps in mind the long-term, and only looks to provide services that are the right fit."
"Adam is a very thoughtful and caring individual that I have worked with on many occasions in past years. He is very honest and considerate when dealing with people in different situations and is also very dependable in getting the job or activity accomplished in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Adam Sierdsma. Connie C"
"Adam has captured a unique impression within me as a man of limitless integrity and honesty. Engaging Adam was always pleasurable and genuine as well, so you can count on a quality character. Had Adam remained local to my geographic region, I would be asking him to join me at a new company launch. David G"
Reviews 1 - 16 of 16

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